Tantra for Men

Men in general are always expected to perform...not only at home, but in the workplace...let alone expected to also perform sexually. After a full day, for the majority of men, this is not possible.

Sometimes when there is too much stress involved, a man cannot function in any of these aforementioned ways. Tantra will help a gentleman realign themselves and their chakras so they can become happier beings in an overall sense.

Tantra for men in NY with Tantra Mariah

Like women, men also may need to shed old wounds and stress with someone other than their significant other. Sometimes there are things a man may wish to discuss, but is not comfortable doing so with a spouse or girlfriend.

I encourage all men to book a session with me...I value your privacy and sacred space and will never invade that. Men will be received by me into my very own sacred space with no expectations or requirements on my part from them.

My sessions for men are a journey...for most, the journey is only for a one time trial session where a man can simply engulf the experience on this one time basis or scenario.

However, other gentlemen enjoy their journey session so much, that they wind up booking monthly sessions with me, as well as quarterly sessions.

NY Tantra sessions for men

A man's session is very much like a woman's...a journey-type of experience. Learn to relax, breathe...let the aroma's of my abode enter your nasal passages and body.

This is your time to rest and enjoy the time. Instead of performing daily in all aspects of what overall life throws at you, here with me, realize that there are no expectations of you here in this session with me.

Relax...be yourself. Talk and discuss if needed...walk away feeling anew. My goal is to be your goddess, guide, guru and confidant. Relax and experience without worrying about what you can or should be doing.

This session is not a place for giving, but a place to receive and not feel any guilt about this so called word "receiving."

Connecticut Tantra sessions for men

In most sessions, I offer discussion, bath ceremony and body soak, Tantra therapy, seaweed wraps (if available) and holistic body scrubs...(yes, even for men!)